Hyde & Sick ‘Appletone’

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W41_cover_resizedArtist: Hyde & Sick
Title: Appletone
Label: Waldliebe Familien
Remixers: Guido Nemola, Joe Gould
Cat. #: W41
Format: Digital

1. Appletone (Original Mix)
2. Appletone (Joe Gould Mix)
3. No Siemplo (Original Mix)
4. No Siemplo (Guido Nemola Mix)

The ep begins with drums, shakers and nice details in the vocal: with clubs rocking so much less-is-more minimal madness right now, it’s nice to hear a vocal, and a decent one that means something at that. Horns build the intensity, the percussion uplifts the track and the buildup is warm and well orchestrated with shakers and stabbin’ chords that’ll drive drunk drag queens to the dancefloor. The remixes are just as orderly, with scraped woodblock accompanying the clinical dissection of the eponymous vocal line, leaving only the stuttered consonants amid other barely discernible voiced tics. A hazy synth chord fades in and out of view beside hats beaten with a handful of chopsticks, then midway through the drums are beefed up, the voice becomes male, and mechanised wind-chimes rattle, rhythmically, in the vacuum…


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