The countdown for Ibiza opening parties 2016 has started, and here you have some suggestions (especially if it’s your first time on the island) for your holidays.

Car or moto?

Rent a car or a moto? This is still the first question: if you want to visit the island, especially the beautiful beaches, you have to consider that they are far enough, and we suggest to rent a car.

There are several portals where is possible to rent a car.

Please, pay attention to the REAL conditions: some portals firstly talk about “unlimited mileage” and then the reality is different, and pay attention also to “casco insurances” bought on line.


Well Ibiza is the paradise of clubbers, and since May there will be a huge number of opening parties.

You have just to select your one, and if you want to know the dates of the confirmed opening parties, click here.

Buy your tickets and have fun!

Hotel, Apartments & Residences

When you’ll choose your hotel or apartment first of all check the map of Ibiza, and pay attention to the distances.

Ibiza is a big island, try to find a good solutions not so far from the biggest clubs.

Sometimes people think to save money renting a far hotel or apartment, and then spend the double of the amount saved in taxi and gasoline.


Ibiza is a special place, but it’s not the island where everything is possible. Ok?

So, keep calm, have fun, and don’t destroy yourself. Don’t forget that also in Ibiza exists the alcol test 😉

The beaches

First time in Ibiza? There are some unmissable beaches: Salinas, Cala D’Hort, Benirras, Cala Bassa, Cala Comte, Cala Vadella, Cala Salada, Agua Blanca, Playa es Codolar, Cala San Vicente, Sa Caleta, just to mention a small number.

So, don’t forget, Ibiza isn’t only nightlife, but it’s also a paradise to discover by day.

The sunsets
Well in Ibiza there is a must: the sunset in San Antonio. At least once you have to live this experience. Sunsets are also beautiful in Benirras and Cala Comte and …if you have time…visit Punta galera.

Other suggestions

If it’s your first trip in the island, we suggest to visit also the old town, the small streets, the beautiful shops over there and, of course, Dalt Villa. Bring your camera with you.

The food

In Ibiza it’s possible to find every kind of cuisine. Soon we’ll talk again about it, but don’t worry, you won’t remain hungry 😉 😉

These are just some first suggestions for a great holiday in Ibiza, but stay tuned, because of soon the dream team of Ibiza by night will be back with other useful news. So, book your flight and be ready for a great opening parties season!


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