Igor Dorohov ‘Get It’

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pesto017Artist: Igor Dorohov
Title: Get It
Label: Pesto Music
Remixers: Replika, Lukas Greenberg
Cat. #: Pesto 018
Format: Digital
Release Date: Jul 31, 2012

1. Get It (Original Mix)
2. Get It (Replika Aftermath Remix)
3. Get It (Lukas Greenberg Sunflower Remix) 

While our last release Pesto 017 by Addex is still in numerous sales and DJ charts, we already have the next deep adventure in the pipeline.

Moscow resident Igor Dorohov honours us with the deep and sexy “Get It” on Pesto 018. With releases and remixes on labels such as untitled music, Farplane, Soulman and Society 3.0, the man is surely no unknown artist to Deep House aficionados.
The original of “Get It” features a sexy female vocal snip used as a percussive element. A low bass line, playing syncopated clonks goes straight to your hips. A steady and shaking groove is broken down by the signature “Get It” sample and a blazing brass stab while the build up continues to evolve, supported by a glassy sustained organ chord. A sizzling sawtooth sequence in the break adds more rhythmic movement to bring the beat back in at full force, just to release the pressure and bring down the tune again to the relaxed level of the beginning.

On the remix duty, we have Switzerland’s Replika – known from his various releases on world class labels as well as a Pestolero. His rework shines by old schoolish 909 hats over a precise groove and a booming kick drum. The chord stab, reminiscent of deep Chicago classics, plays question and answer with a square bass, guided by very classic sounding hi strings. Replika’s Aftermath Remix doesn’t require a big break – it’s a welcome deep DJ’s tool in the best sense of the word.

We are also glad to announce we could win the Berlin staple Lukas Greenberg for a reinterpretation of “Get It”. The Plastic City Radio Show host, famous for his signature sound, delivers a slightly faster remix. Filtered all the way down, chord pads and snips of the original vocals are laid over a punchy, snare-centric beat that is driven by maracas and shakers on the top end. Phasing stab sounds sent into space are marking the break down that introduces a clicky synth sequence when eventually, the beat returns completely dry and direct – just to work Lukas Greenberg’s Sunflower Remix back into a more atmospheric realm agin.


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