Artist: Immer
Title: Quite Baked As Ol’Ways, It’s A Nice Balance EP
Label: Fullbarr
Cat. #: FBV006
Release Date: 16/01/2013
Format: 12” Vinyl
1. Quite Baked
2. As Ol’Ways
3. Lovely Balance
4. As Ol’Ways (Kris Wadsworth Guess Who Remix)

The Fullbarr imprint returns with a new vinyl release this January by Immer, entitled ‘Quite Baked As Ol’Ways, It’s A Nice Balance‘ backed with a stellar remix from Detroit’s Kris Wadsworth.

Eindhoven born Geert Schilder aka Immer has honed in on a raw, intricate sound over the past few years and has recently signed releases to the likes of Shewolf Music and his hometown based Klopfgeist, alongside the likes of Homepark, Estroe, Shaun Reeves and Boris Werner, positioning Immer as a strong purveyor of underground house music. Schilder returns to Fullbarr here following his remix of Hans Berg’s ‘Machines’, The Bradford based imprint has made a heavy impact as of late releasing projects from Luke Solomon, LoSoul, Vince Watson and Kalabrese.

The release opens with ‘Quite Baked’, a stripped, low-slung cut that embraces loose, swung drums and rolling low-end rumbles. The record adapts to a simplistic hooky structure that allows subtle transitional periods to keep things captivating, infusing a blend of gritty elements that gleam with analogue sparkles and warmth, resulting in a tasteful slice of rough and ready house music.

Next up is ‘As Ol’Ways’, taking things in a deeper direction with smooth Rhodes chords driving the melodic movement. Immer implants his signature shuffled drum patterns on the track with methodical variations and retractions worked into the layout to ensure an evolving feel throughout. The latter stages introduce resonant filter sweeps; reverb bursts and minute delays into the background depths further showing Immer’s ability to push the boundaries of creativity in his productions.

‘Lovely Balance’ follows, a percussive, groove led cut that’s built upon solid drum sounds and a cleverly sampled organ bass hook. Geert’s less-is-more approach takes the reins here, applying a fusion of hats, rim shots and claps to build the bigger picture, the track builds to a peak where everything becomes filtered and lo-fi before reverting back to the punchy rhythm and riding out the rest of the track, simple yet contrastingly intricate at the same time. Immer delivers stylish house music once again.

Closing the release is Detroit born Kris Wadsworth with his ‘Guess Who Remix’ of ‘As Ol’Ways’. Kris is notably known for his work with Hypercolour, NRK and Get Physical. Here he employs his signature sound to ‘As Ol’Ways’ creating shuffling, raw house with his trademark hooky synth stabs, scratchy chorus and filter modulations creep in throughout its duration creating something unique and engrossing, as you’d expect from this adept producer.


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