Impellizzeri & Stupia ‘I Rap’

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Artist: Varioustriangolo_dgt003_thumbnail
Title: I Rap
Label: The Triangle Records
Cat. #: dgt003
Format: Digital Download
Distribution: Intergroove
Release Date: 17 Apr 2012
A1 “iRap”
A2 “Koala”
A3 “I don’t Know”
A4 “Finger of course”
B1 “Finger of course Analogic Marcus Vector remix”
B2 “iRap Michele Pinna remix”

The Triangle records this time is back in to the Old School Detroit’s Techno, with this huge Maxy Ep rushed by 808, 909’s drums and synth’s stabs breaked by the classic’s 80’s techno voices. Impellizzeri & Stupia with their “I Rap” track gived name to the Ep this one it’s a typical Rap speachless earwarm track!! The Michele’s Pinna “I Rap” remix totally based on the Fat Bassline and the vocal gone stright to the Dancefloor’s core as a solid Hit! Allen(Italy)& Carlo Caldareri are talented Sud Italy’s producers duo gived to this Big Pack two grooved pumpin tunes “I don’t know” was the perfect weapon for our closer buddy M.Vector to do an amazing totally analogic remix worked as back to the 80’s studio. Guys we can tell “WELCOME BACK ANALOG!!!”.


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