Industrialyzer ‘60.000 Miles EP’

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KR050Artist: Industrialyzer
Title: 60.000 Miles EP
Label: Kombination Research
Cat #: KR050
Release Date: 09/04/2012
Format: Digital
01 Industrialyzer – 60.000 Miles (Original Mix)
02 Industrialyzer – Endless Use (Original Mix)
03 Industrialyzer – Bring It Back (Original Mix)

It’s time for the partner in crime to set the Techno standard once again, this time bringing three tracks to Kombination Research, with the mighty “60,000 Miles” taking the lead.
It’s the pounding bass that grabs hold of you as the title track unfolds and shuffles its way to a soundscape full of persistent riffs, hypnotic effects and, most importantly, dominant, haunting synths.
“Endless Use” follows closely with a more aggressive bassline and metallic chord stabs that constantly remind us who is in charge.

“Bring It Back” continues the trek in a slightly more optimistic fashion, yet the Industrialyzer’s sensibilities are lurking over this one from the dark skies above.


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