Various “Infuse001”

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Artist: Various
Title: Infuse001
Label: Infuse
Cat. #: Infuse001
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: March 25th 2013
1. Jun Akimoto – Ripper
2. Samu.l – The traveller
3. Stuart Hawkins – Pitons
4. Steve Abot – Sensual Touch
5. Pat Ondebaak – Gypsy

INFUSE is a brand new digital label from the same team that have run the much loved FUSE parties in London for years. That party’s MO is stripped and super groovy tech house, and so it makes sense that this new label follows the same tact. It will be a breeding ground of sorts for friends and associates of the party itself. The first release is a various artists EP pulling together five different talents from across the globe, with Jun Akimoto, Stuart Hawkins, Samu.L, Pat Ondebaal and Steve Abot all featuring.

Japan’s finest house export in Jun Akimoto goes first with ‘Ripper’, which is a liquid and wavy groove lightly peppered with a subtle smattering of percussive ticks and hits. The bass is globular and treacle like as it flows along, forever folding in on itself.

Samu.L then offers up The Traveller, a piston-pumping brew of liquid tech funk that gets backlit by delightfully serene pads. Stuart Hawkins’ Pitons contribution recalls the best of Cadenza minimal from years gone by with its lingering bell notes, bobbling undercurrent and string rhythms all geared toward infecting your body with dance.

Continuing in the stripped back, DC: 10 kind of vibe, Steve Abot layers squelchy FX on rubbery kicks and allows a vocal snippet to echo out in all directions around it. The package then wraps up with the hollowed out spaces of Pat Ondebaak’s Gypsy with its loosely programmed drums and deeply subterranean synth chords all geared towards making your body move and you mind float free.

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