Inigo Kennedy ‘Insistence’

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Artist: Inigo Kennedy
Title: Insistence
Label: Prosthetic Pressings
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Cat. #: PP038
Release Date: May 22nd (Vinyl), June 26th (Digital) 2013
Distribution: Beatport & DBH
A1. Insist
B1. Persist
B2. Insist (Donor Remix)
Digital Only: Resist 

Over the past 17 years, Inigo Kennedy’s determination and evolution as an artist confirms his inspiring success. His ability to innovate and create new techniques is exactly why he’s on the forefront of today’s techno movement.

Insistence features a recorded live performance (Insist), two studio productions and a remix from NYC’s, Donor. Starting from the first track, Inigo assumes the role of an architect, building a moody futuristic mindscape. With dynamic facets, overflowing from one track to the next, creating a deep echoing soundscape filled with seductive baselines and warm melodies. Donor’s edgy remix of Insist is nothing to be overlooked on this package. From the eerie introduction to the fanning fragmented elements is interrupted by a roar of dark ominous harmonies will surely keep you on your toes.

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