Inigo Kennedy 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi Inigo, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. How did you become part of the Token records family?
I got an email out of the blue from Kris with his idea to start the label and I really liked the way it came across. At the time I was working on releases for my own (digital) Asymmetric MP3 project and it sounded great to get involved in a pure vinyl project with Token. I had no idea really that I would end up providing the first release on the label, ‘Identify Yourself’, and it was a big honour to do that. It’s something that I’m proud of even more now since the label has grown stronger and stronger.

2. How did “Vaudeville” come about?
I’d been talking about doing an album for some time (with Kris as well) and I think last year it became right for Token and for me to do it (and also for Phase who’s album was released last year). Since I had a bit more time pressure than usual (we have a baby at home) and we needed to plan the schedule for Token for this year it meant I had to really concentrate on delivering the album in a relatively short space of time. Those few weeks meant that I was able to produce something that really gelled together as an album I think; that’s not an easy thing to do. I’m really happy that the finished project has a flow and is musically interesting and works equally for listening and in a club environment. And I just like the word ‘Vaudeville’ and it’s connection with Voix de Ville seems a good match for the kind of music I make.

3. That’s a break from your long list of single and EP releases, how did you feel to plan and produce it?
It’s not really a departure as I’m making music constantly. I suppose it was just a slightly different way to assemble a project and to think a little bit more about how it will be listened too and how the atmosphere should be. Naturally I like and make quite melancholic music and this is definitely the primary influence in the album.

4. Considering you’ve been producing since 1994 the number of albums you make is very low. Do you think that this format didn’t always fit your needs related to music?
I don’t know if it is low compared to most other artists although since I have released several hundred tracks I suppose in theory it could have been instead 50 albums or something! I have music that I’ve made on cassettes at home that goes back a lot further than 1994 as well! That wouldn’t work though and it’s true that the album format doesn’t work for a lot of the music I have released or the way it’s been releases. I’d say that the most suitable would be the Asymmetric MP3 releases of which there are 21 (so far) since these incorporate a much more varied kind of music. It’s actually really interesting to me to listen back to all those releases.

5. In the press release I read: “it is the culmination of an organic and emotional approach to production.”, so what’s next?
I suppose in a way anything you do is a culmination of what has come before it; always learning, always taking influences, always changing directions by small amounts. So the next will be the culmination of even more of these things! I’m already very interested to see what direction might be best after ‘Vaudeville’ and I’m definitely keen to work on another project like it!

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
You’re welcome and I’m looking forward to my next time in Italy!

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