Inland ‘Solstice’

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Artist: Inland
Title: Solstice
Format: 12“ & Digital
Label: Counterchange Recordings
Cat. #: COUNTER01
Release Date: Vinyl: 29-Apr-2013 / Beatport: 13-May-2013 / Other: 27-May-2013
A1. Solstice
A2. Solstice (Lost)
B1. Monument
B2. Earthloop

erlin based brit Ed Davenport launches his own ‘Counterchange’ imprint, titled after his defining debut LP released in 2012 on UK label NRK.

Maintaining the concept of presenting bold, contrasting and multifaceted dance music, Counterchange Recordings will release new material from Ed alongside other artists, ranging from techno, house, electronica, and beyond.

Blending atmospheric house with heavily laden techno, Davenport’s ‘Inland’ project was first revealed on the Berlin based Falkplatz label in 2012, with the self titled ‘Inland’ EP.

Now with the ‘Solstice’ EP we find ourselves drawn further into the Inland concept – combining dramatic synth-scapes with strong, pacy techno undertones. Looking to the landscape, natural environment and man’s fascination with the coming and going of the seasons for inspiration, the Inland project creates an on-going narrative, open for interpretation and reflection.

The title track ‘Solstice’ acts as a beautiful opener, not only for the EP but for the label in general, with its warmth and strong feeling of movement. We then move swiftly into darker, more urgent zones with ‘Solstice (Lost)’, perhaps an ode to the famed London techno institution.

The airy and textural ‘Monument’ presents a fresh look into Davenport’s dubbed, melodic world, spiraling and shimmering in an immersive 4 minute piece. Finally the weighty ‘Earthloop’ follows in a crisp, powerful and unapologetic club moment.


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