Artist: Inxec
Title: We have never had it so good
Cat. #: STOCK5 LTD008
Label: Stock Ltd
Format: 12”/ digital
Release Date: 11th July
A1. Inxec – Splash!
A2. Inxec – Your Lips
B1. Inxec & Cesare vs Disorder – Shades of Grey
B2. Inxec & Cesare vs Disorder – Shades of Grey (Arttu Remix)

Part No. 8 of the Limited Series is brought to us by UK based producer Inxec who has made a name of himself on several furious Stock5 releases in the past. On this EP he again shows his artistical versatility and that he’s able to juggle with many styles.

“Splash” kicks off with brutal force and takes the listener to a psychedelic playground. Lunatic vocal samples and old school reminiscent rave stabs make this UK Funky inspired track a sureshot.

“Your Lips” on the other hand starts with a classic drum break that is accompanied by a mesmerizing synthie melody. Not as hard as the A1 but nevertheless a perfect follower.

On the flip Inxec and Cesare vs Disorder cooperate and write their own version of “Shades of Grey”. Actually we don’t wanna know if they were naked or wearing bondage gear, doing all kinds of kinky stuff. All in all it is the result that matters. A straight roller, set up to devastate any dance floor, don’t let the Jarreske melodies fool you.

In order to give this EP a perfect finish, Arttu delivers his very own version of “Shades of Grey”. He sticks to the melody patterns but adds some fine selected and driving percussions. No easy choice for DJs since both versions got their own special flavour, some may say luxury problems.

As always, Stock Ltd provides quality material for demanding listeners and continues the philosophy of this extraordinary label.



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