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Hi Vincenzo, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. Do you remember your first approaches to techno music?
My first approach with Techno happened when I was 10 years old. I liked the grit that gave me, and I’ve always loved the drums at a higher bpm. From the first day that I started to working in the studio, I always chose aggressive techno samples and synth, it was a precise choice which led me into this style of music.

2. What artists inspired you mostly?
I don’t have specific inspirations, fortunately I’ve created my own style; I love listening to all kinds of music, while listening many ideas come across my mind and I try to implement these in the studio. Only two legendary artists are my “mentors” who occasionally inspired me and they are Chris Liebing and Richie Hawtin.

3. You also started your own label Dirty Minds. What motivated you to make this decision?
I started my own label because I want to give my mark in the music market, I want to express myself at 360 degrees and I can do it with my label.

4. “Rum & Drum” has been released on Loose Records. What can you about the creation of this release?
I love those tracks, they have been appreciated by many big artists, played in the Drumcode radio show and also by Karotte, Eddie Halliwell and more. I always try to leave my “signature” in my tracks, I’m quite sure that this EP can describe my style.

5. Is anything new in the next months you want to tell us about?
There are lots of news, I have 5 upcoming releases on Driving Forces, MB Elektronics, Respekt Recordings, Dirty Minds, and for sure again on Loose records, for me it’s a historical techno label. I’m working on some projects, in this period I’m doing 3 tracks per week, my colleagues call me “TECHNO MACHINE”; I’m trying to get released my tracks on important labels. About gigs, this year I’ll play at the Amsterdam Dance Event, with Gate Null and Rhythm Converted showcases, in October 31st I’ll be in Lithuania for the first time and then in December I’ll do a big tour in USA  including Stereo Montreal, Mexico, Las Vegas, I’ll be around for exactly one month.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

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