Artist:  Irregular Synth
Title: Jungle Adventure
Remixer: Gery Otis & Fractious
Label: Dynamo Recordings
Cat. #: DR008
Release Date: 22nd March 2013
1) Jungle Adventure (Original Mix)
2) Jungle Adventure (Fractious Remix)
3) Hard Disk Fail (Original Mix)
4) Hard Disk Fail (Gery Otis Remix)

Here at Dynamo, we are big fans of the Neapolitan techno sound from Italy and this is a fine example. Irregular Synth can be found on labels such as Alchemy, Binary404, Amazing Records, Inside Orion to name a few.

First up ‘Jungle Adventure’ is a rolling moody groover, with crisp percussion and catchy hook which will get them floors moving. Throw in a crazy delay, fx and you have a bomb of a track on your hands. On remix duty we have Dynamo co-owner Fractious who delivers a tougher groove version, a subtle use of the original hook, interesting use of the effects, high end percussion and added snares.

Next up ‘Hard Disk Fail’ has a more peak time feel which grooves along nicely, with mid tune break down that introduces organic snares combined with a nice riser which smoothly enters back into the groove not to ruin any momentum. On the remix we have Gery Otis, also from Naples, who offers a quality analogue tech house groover! Gery adds his signature snare percussion which will get them feet moving all night long!


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