Irregular Synth ‘Rum & Drum’

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LR034Artist: Irregular Synth
Title: Rum & Drum
Remixer: Christian Cambas
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR034
Release Date: 29-9-2014
1. Rum & Drum
2. Rum & Drum (Christian Cambas Remix)
3. Techno Room

Loose Records is proud to welcome Italian DJ, remixer, and producer Irregular Synth to our label. His work concentrates on music club goers can party to, such as with his Rum & Drum EP, which features a remix by Christian Cambas of his single “Rum & Drum.”

“Rum & Drum” is a contagious track that will please any club goer, especially those who love strong beats and drums. It starts with percussion and bass run through a remixer. Circular sounds soon fuse with the original beat before Irregular Synth experiments with a variety of synthesized instruments. This versatile anthem would be ideal for any large festival or nightclub. It could also appeal to many filmmakers for soundtrack.

“Rum & Drum” (Christian Cambas Remix)” is a little spookier than its original track. Playing with symbols to create a circular sound, Christian Cambas toys with muted audio tracks and synthesizers to add distortion. The intensity of the song hits its peak after clear human vocals are used, commanding the attention of the listener. With samples from hip hop artists, this song would be an especially great fit for dance clubs and radio.

“Techno Room” begins with a throbbing bass. The percussion picks up with almost a wood-block sound. Soon, a synthesizer is used to complement the drum track, increasing in speed and volume. With it’s ¾ time, the listener gets the sensation of being on a train, its groove putting the listener into a relaxed, trancelike state. This track would be a treat for underground clubs and DJs looking for powerful material to remix.

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