Isolée ‘Dennis’

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Artist: Isolée
Title: Dennis
Cat. #: TMX-001
Label: Tamed Musiq
Format: 12’’/ digital
Release date: 30th May
A. Dennis (Original Mix)
A2. Dennis (Ripperton’s 8 Wheels Dub)
B1. Dennis (Baikal Remix)

 At the beginning of last year I went to listen to Isolée during his live act in Lausanne. He started that night with a really amazing tune – something so full of love and harmony, something that is definitely rare at the moment.

One week later that song was still in my mind and so I asked Rajko what it was, to which he answered: “I did a soundtrack for a skateboard movie and the track I started my live set with is

a draft of it.” I asked him to make me an edit to be played in my set. I’ve been playing “Dennis” for the past year in all my sets around the world and always receive a fantastic reaction from the smiling crowd.

One year later this special song called “Dennis” is ready to be played by you and the world and I’m really proud and excited to start “Xtra Tamed” with such a masterpiece! I asked one of my best friends and one of the most talented producers around, Baïkal (from Mauve and Innervisions), to work on the remix and trust me when I say that this rework has a similarly funny but long story as the original cut! Isolée vs Baikal sounds like a match made in heaven, don’t you think?

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