Itamar Sagi

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itamar_sagiGrown in the political, and clubbing, hot spot of Tel Aviv, Itamar Sagi has been entertaining dancefloors for the past 15 years and his dj career include a 7- year residency at the legendary “Haoman 17”, a club which was elected as one of the best worldwide.
It’s 2007 when, after a series of successful first releases on his home label Be As One, “Cancun / Dreams Theaters” and “Sparta / Weird BAO”, the latter co-written with fellow label mate Gel Abril, Itamar’s name got worldwide attention with “Blonda”, co-produced with his friend and contemporary Techno star Shlomi Aber. The success of these releases propelled Itamar into the global scene and expectations grown strong around his name.
Itamar quickly surpassed those expectations in 2008. First with “Black Gold”, a sublime combination of classic Detroit techno and Chicago house, tech funk and killer stabs, that was announced as one of the 10 best track of WMC08 by DJ Mag. Then, later that same year, Itamar cemented his reputation releasing two Techno monsters: “Later On” on Samuel L Session’s KlapKlap, and “One Million Oaks” on Soma, which was one of Itamar and Soma’s biggest hits and recently selected by the label to be remixed for its 20 Years Anniversary celebration project.
Since then, Itamar’s career has just kept on going up and his profile growing, and today the young Israeli’s resume boasts highly respected labels like Ovum, Be As One, Soma, Drumcode and Intacto.
Having his musical roots based in the Detroit and Chicago sound of the 90’s, Itamar brings up these influences in his music which is always characterized by an advanced production and care for the sound. Itamar’s tracks can range from epic sounding material as “And The Rest” or “Fiona”, to more classic loopy techno affairs as “Selio” or “Coffee Beans”.
With such a resumé it shouldn’t be a surprise then if in 2011 Itamar joined the roster of one of the leading European booking agencies, the dutch AD Bookings and kept himself busy in the studio to produce, once again, two cuts of quality techno, “Red Texture” for Intacto and “Spirals” for Be As One.
With each of his releases being supported by the biggest djs all across the world and by reviews and interviews, Itamar Sagi is now a well respected name in Techno and an artist not keen on compromises when it comes to musical quality.



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