Cobblestone Jazz “Northern Lights”

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Artist: Cobblestone JazzIIWII016_A_Artwork
Title: Northern Lights
Label: ITISWHATITIS Recordings
Cat. #: ITWII016
Formats: digital, vinyl
Northern Lights
Drawn From The Side Of Crime

Cobblestone Jazz, a collective formed by Mathew Jonson, the Mole (Colin de la Plante), Tyger Dhula and Danuel Tate comes back in the scene with a single on ITISWHATITIS Recordings.
Both the songs, with a length of 11 and 13 minutes, show a big armony, a good mentalism and a particular essence, things melt with a slow sound structure construction, that let us to appreciate more the emotions and feelings evoked.
“Northern Lights” is out now on digital and vinyl formats.


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