J.C. ‘Mugako’

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ED05 ArtworkArtist: J.C.
Title: Mugako
Label: Exhibition Design 05
Cat.#: ED05
Format: CDr / Digital Download
Release Date: August 26th 2016
1 – Sendia
2 – Bixi
3 – Enaitz
4 – Apodaka
5 – Itxaso
6 – Hator
7 – Mairu

Spanish techno producer J.C. is back with a fantastic album on Svreca’s influential Semantica label, on the last release of this Exhibition Design series. Entitled Mugako, this seven track affair again offers up a rich and vital take on techno that is inventive and intriguing.

This album comes less than a year after a standout full length on Fred P’s Soul People Music, and follows up a fine pair of EPs on his own Cabrera label. Before that, of course, this singular producer has put out many EPs on labels like Deeply Rooted, Tresor, Symbolism, and always manages to concur up otherworldly atmospheres that permeate both head and heel.

Kicking off this latest work is ‘Sendia,’ four absorbing minutes of suspenseful atmospherics with muffled voices bringing a sense of darkness and unease. ‘Bixi’ is then a rock solid and doom laden techno groove with a scattered broken beat and ticking hi hats that drive it forwards. ‘Eniatz’ is another heavyweight affair with meaty kicks and frazzled textures before ‘Apodaka’ again offers unsettling atmospheres, paranoid voices and distant sirens all hanging in a thick fog. ‘Itxaso’ is a pressure building cut with rising drum menace and raw warehouse moods, ‘Hator’ shows J.C.’s knack for programming fierce drums that make you move your body and closer ‘Mairu’ leaves you adrift in a nervy, industrial space full of edgy synths and tense noise that never lets up.

Once again here, JC has created a sparse techno world with alien life forms, unsettled feelings and dystopian vibes a plenty.


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