Jako ‘Chasing Atoms’

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Artist: Jako
Title: Chasing Atoms
Format: Digital Only
Label: Alphahouse
Cat. #: alpha27
Release Date: May 7th, 2013
Distribution: Beatport
A1 Chasing Atoms (7:44)
A2 4 Moons (6:42)
B1 Atom Found (7:40)
B2 Tight Cycles (6:22)

Jako, a.k.a. Jacopo Aluzzi, is a musician and live performer born in the south of Italy. A pianist in his youth, he started playing classical music when he was 13, but quickly discovered the beauty of what soon became his preferred instrument, the bass guitar. After playing in several bands he created a solo musical project in 2008, performing all the instrumentation, samples, and vocals himself, which lead to his love of making electronic dance music.

Here he appears on Butane’s prestigious Alphahouse imprint as a relative newcomer to the international scene, but surely he won’t be for long. His ‘Chasing Atoms’ EP reveals an unquestionably mature taste, wide range, and a serious musician’s touch. Displaying dub and Detroit sensibilities, this is modern techno music with discernible soul.

‘Chasing Atoms’ beings the journey, a smooth synth ride into the unknown. ‘4 Moons’ crescendos. ‘Atom Found’ searches, and discovers. ‘Tight Cycles’ brings you back to home softly with future jazz. There’s science fiction in this. The mind wanders, playfully. This is the definition of techno music.



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