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In this interview we had the occasion to have a chat with Jam El Mar, the 50% of the notorious Jam & Spoon duo. After some years of hiatus he’s back in the business with some cool productions, also with a cool Different Grooves On Air Podcast

– Thanks for joining us Jam! How are you doing right now?
Hi all, I am fine and enjoying the Spring and the sun coming out I just finished producing the follow-up for Truesoul. I think it is a real powerful follow-up of the previous debut – EP, but that´s just my personal opinion.
Then, I just finished co-producing an album for a friend (he is quite well known already in the scene but my cooperation will be kept secretly for some time 😉 ….also I am working on another album, for another friend, lol, but this is a different genre – no club stuff ….so I am quite busy!
And yes, I have to prepare the live-set for Mayday end of this month – a 30min set that has to carry away all the people in the arena, so its has to be banging and intensive!

– Recently you relaunched you career with an EP on Truesoul. How did this release was born?
Thoughout all my career as a producer, I always wanted to release a true techno EP! I love techno from the very first moment I heard it in the club. This is really something you have to experience, it´s energy and intensity. I was simply taken away.
However, things went different. We released “Right In The Night”, “Power Of American Natives”, “Kaleidoscope Skies” and so on and suddenly I was more of a pop producer. I am also often considered as a trance producer, this is how people see me and even Mark Spoon and myself are often declared as the “Godfathers of Trance”, whatever that is (lol)…. but it´s great and a blessing we could reach so many people with the music we invented. .
…And now, me producing a techno EP, is kind of a risk, but the most comfortable way is not always the right way! I am happy, those two tracks found the liking of Adam Beyer, and the release on Truesoul is definitely a kickstart for my ambitions! The people at Truesoul did really a wonderful job on this release!

– How do you channel your emotions and ideas through music?
It´s a process! You start with the famous blank piece of paper in front of you! Usually, I start playing with sounds, grooves, loops. I combine them, throw them away, alter them, tweak them, and delete everything a couple of hours later, lol….
….it´s always a search and suddenly you find that G-spot, so to say, and there you go!
It may sound completely funny but while driving in my car I get the best ideas! I keep them, recall them from my memory and then I try to really bring them “into life” by consequently working on the sounds to come as close as possible the original idea.
It´s not always a successful way but it´s part of the whole process. Some of the ideas going round in my mind for months and months until they finally find their way to the speakers, lol…..But the best way is, when you are able to have inspiration out of the very moment. When mind is involved you are more or less repeating yourself because mind always refers to the past.

– In your opinion is this “ideas channeling” a difficult part during a song composition?
Yes, it´s the most challenging part! The best is to switch of your mind off from thinking.
Just starting and playing or discovering like a child is often the most successful way.

– Criticism time: do you think that the nowadays electronic music producers don’t consider something in the creative process?
Well, I can’t answer this because I am not able to look inside of them and read their thoughts.
To me, I only can work with what I personally feel and search in the music that I produce or play in my DJ-sets. And there is no good and bad. I just sort out by the fact that some tracks apply to me and others don’t.
I don’t know about consideration of other producers, it´s just not possible.
Speaking about myself, I sometimes do tracks without any meaning, but when the groove kicks in, they are fun, they are energetic and you enjoy them although there is no bigger picture behind. The second track of the “Touched By Fire EP” “Freak Out” is a good example, it´s just a fun track, a true dance track, no deeper meaning, just groove, groove and groove, lol….

– Musically talking, do you miss anything from the 90’s?
No, for there is still a lot of 90ties hidden in the contemporary club-music anyway. The Nineties are maybe seen a bit too serene, a bit too romantic, lol. Of course there are some iconic tracks but also a lot of crappy stuff. but no one talks about these tracks anymore because they are forgotten.
Yesterday, I received a new Drumcode Promo from Alan Fitzpatrick, (who I respect a lot) , and there is a track called “Trance Init” – please have a listen and it will 100%ly answer your question! Great EP, btw….

– What can you tell us about the mix you recorded for us?
First I had a live recording from my recent gig but it was a real live-gig set with some tracks that worked well in the very moment they were played. But when you release a DJ-mix to listeners, not dancers or ravers, you might want to mix something more atmospheric that also contains more music that would not necessarily work in that very moment in the club. So I was looking for techno, that also has a certain amount of musical content, not only tools…

– Have you got any other forthcoming projects you could tell us about?
There will be remixes of “Odyssey To Anyoona” coming soon (hopefully) and after finishing these album projects, I mentioned before, I mainly want to power-release track after track.
There are also some interesting cooperation in the planning but they is too vague to talk about …but if they happen, they will be exciting and surely get a lot of attention! …so stay sharp 😉

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
My pleasure and enjoy the mix! 😉

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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