Jay Shepheard ‘SIlvery EP’

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GLK058Artist: Jay Shepheard
Title: SIlvery EP
Label: Galaktika
Cat. #: GLK058
Release Date: 01-02-2016
Light Of The Silvery Toaster
E To The Power

Galaktika : ‘’Our favourite Berlin-based, Londoner arrives with his inaugural Galaktika EP – yet another tour de force in intelligent and groove-based, acid-licked house.

The ‘Silvery’ EP’s pseudo-title track ‘Light of the Silvery Toaster’ mirrors it’s namesake with crisp, metallic percussion and glimmering acid, all elevated by a deliciously tight, burbling baseline.

‘E To The Power’ meanwhile draws on Avery-esque, playful vocal trickles, whilst injecting that trademark sleazed-up Shepheard funk, building and building and into a relentless, joyous groove; leaving ‘K3’ to wrap up proceedings with 6 irresistible minutes of intricately layered, pitched down, disco-house, driven by a very clever two-tier bassline and shimmering, subtly melodic atmospheric washes.


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