Jean Nipon ‘Put It In The Trunk’

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Artist: Jean Nipon
Title: Put It In The Trunk
Label: ClekClekBoom Recordings
Cat. #: CCB008
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: December 17th 2012
Distribution: ST Holdings
1. Put It In The Trunk
2. Black Things On Desk
3. 35 Thieves

To bring you the 8th release, ClekClekBoom searched far and wide for the elusive Jean Nipon. Their journey took them to the shadowy depths of mystic swamps from where this modern-day druid had to be carefully coaxed into the studio. 
But trust-us, it was well worth the effort!
On his first release for ClekClekBoom, the Institubes original showcases 3 tracks of hard-hitting, deftly-produced, dance-floor menace. 
“Put It In The Trunk” combines cascading percussion, disturbingly nonchalant vocal snippets and deep, propulsive, subs. With “Black Things On Desk” Jean Nipon employs unnervingly detuned vocal samples woven into irresistibly pulsating, punchy percussion. The final tune,“35 Thieves” sees our enigmatic wizzard drop subtle snatches of melody in amongst a grooving beat which, as ever, strikes the perfect balance between toughness and delicacy.

CCB008 is certain to tear apart dance-floors everywhere with its heavy-hitting, baleful beats. But like any unknown quantity, handle with caution


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