AX065Artists: Jeff Mills
Title: Emerging Crystal Universe
Label: Axis Records
Format: Object of Art / USB Stick
Cat. #: AX065
Release Date: October 6th, 2014
Distribution: FIT Distribution
01. Arriving [The Crystal Universe]
02. Reversing The Cosmic Theory
03. Scourings Of The Planet Nimes – Receptor
04. Crossing The Inner Threshold
05. Stellar Black Connector
06. Common Space
07. The Tear Drop Universe
08. Gamma Ray Bursts
09. Unnatural Star Arrangements
10. Intermission
11. Phantom Stars
12. Merging Transmissions
13. The Advent
14. Apache Maneuvers [The Sun Moon]
15. Clusters Of Non-Descriptive Matter 16 Hexigons, Chants And Light
17. Analyzing Andromeda
18. Closing The Aquarian Age
19. Mass Elliptical Orbits
20. The_Reset_Phase

The Age of Duality is near. Here, there and all that lies in between points in Time and Space we previously knew and under- stood as reality. The “human species” era is now in the past – it’s been over for decades. Time has rene-
wed this region in a new form. It is a form of co-existence – parallel realities that can only intersect in dreams and thoughts – taking on physical form and shapes. Massive cosmic clouds of dust and debris, we suspect as organic systems of joy and misery. Targeting the galaxies as environmental prey to affect and feed off of the remains of consciousness of all living things.
This is the start of a new existence – a new path for reasoning and purpose. One that doesn’t divide, but enhan- ces itself by multiplying any and everything in the Universe as one common rush of pulsating energy. This is not a climatic scientific observation, nor is it a tale of Gamma adventure. It is of one tomorrow in a sea of clandestine tomorrows.
Approximately fifty-one [51] years from now, the Planet Earth year of 2065, a change will occur in this Universe. An explosion of realization by all remaining lifeforms in the perimeters of light and darkness. Three newly formed and seemingly unrelated Universes will align themselves and co habitat to exert a force in which our minds can only strain to formulate and conceive. The full meaning of this orchestration is not clear, but we sense as “The Reset Phase”.
-Jeff Mills


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