Artist: Jeff Mills
Title: Sequence – A Retrospective Of Axis Records
Label: Axis Records
Release Date: 2012-11-14

“What started out as a dance music label evolved into a international force of creativity that is unquestionably responsible for the shape, color and textures of the Dance Music we know today and probably tomorrow. Formed in 1992 by the acclaimed Techno DJ producer and artist Jeff Mills, Axis remains one of the few independent labels that consistently pushes the boundaries of Electronic Music on the dance floors and into the Cosmos. Axis is the science of body and soul. After 20 years of feverous activity, an archive of work and projects are assembled in this comprehensive collection of art, photographs and designs that certify the influence of vision, concept and production that many producers and DJs refer to then and now.” (from the back cover text) An ultimate collection of art, photo and design works from Axis Records in a 320 page 30 x 30 cm hard cover book with an USB card of 30 tracks selected by Jeff Mills to represent the history of Axis Records between 1992 – 2012. Out in late September 2012. Double CD compilation of 24 tracks released simultaneously as the book release


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