Jepe ‘KTMN’

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label_info_sideArtist: Jepe
Title: KTMN
Label: Blossom Kollektiv
Cat. #: BLK021
Release Date: 12-2-16
A1: Jepe – KTMN [07:03]
A2: Jepe – KTMN (No Lights Mix) [07:30]
B1: Jepe – Future City [07:23]
B2: Jepe – Lost Mind [07:45]

After taking a short break, Blossom Kollektiv returns in 2016 with a brand new vinyl release from label co-founder Jepe titled KTMN. His follow up to last years Spring Shadow brings a solid deep and moody approach to house music that will work efortlessly in any DJ set. The four-track EP will whisk the listener of into a realm of pure imagination that they will leave from feeling very satisfed.

We start our journey of with the title track “KTMN” which immediately grabs your attention with a powerful kick and playful percussion that moves us until the funky bassline jumps into play. Taking people straight to the dance foor with its incredible energy the track continues to take us to another place with tripped out synths that add the fnal fair of otherworldly bliss.

Next up is another interpretation of “KTMN” with the No Lights mix. This version takes us much deeper in the world that was created from the original. This time without the funky bassline and a more tribal approach with the percussion we still are moved by it’s sound waves. Except this time it is taking us to a more peaceful place with dubby pads that make the listener feel like they are foating on air while still keeping the fun and tripped out synths from the original.

On the fip side we are taken to a new “Future City” that continues the deep vibes from the previous track. Capturing the listener right away with spacey pads and shaker percussion it takes us to a far of land where the music becomes our tool for discovery in this new city. As we continue to explore we keep fnding new experiences throughout with cleaver synths that appear when we least expect it but bringing a new life to an already joyous voyage.

Finishing of on a high note with “Lost Mind” we fnd a world of classic sounds but used in a rejuvenating way that makes them fresh and new. The classic guitar bassline is the heart of this more abstract number with psychedelic synths that take our mind of on an adventure where it’s okay to get lost because you will only get lost in the music.


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