Jesse Rose Interview

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– Hi Jesse, i’m glad to ask you some questions for
It’s already april and it seems like this 2013 is a very busy year for you, developing new collaborations, releases etc. How do you feel about that and how you react in front of the big amount of work to do?

Yeah, it’s been pretty amazing to be honest. Firstly I’ve been releasing an EP every month as part of the 12×12 series and then I recently signed to 360/Rock Nation Management which has opened up a lot of doors to new projects, mostly here in the states. I have too say I’m used to working hard, I’ve had the labels over ten years and playing around the world and producing just a little longer than that. It’s a great job I truly love.

– Let’s focus for a while on your label Play it Down. How the things with the label are going on? What do you expect in the near future?Play It Down has also been doing really well with lots of great new releases from Oliver $, Dansson, sqim, O&A… it’s been a really good feeling to continue to find young talented artists to support and bring through. We have two releases every month and in the last two months, we have been one of the highest selling labels on Beatport; but we make no fuss about this.

– In January you started the 12×12 release series, twelve releases over twelve months in 2013 (to get released on every 12th of the month). What’s the concept and the stylistic choice behind all this?
I spent most of last year putting out hardly anything preparing for this, at first it was going to go out as a straight album and then it felt like it made more sense to release it as an EP every month, as all the tracks are dance floor focussed. It also means things don’t get missed.  But as the series is doing better and better, I have started working on new tracks for it, you never want the quality to go down. It just gives people more time to listen to each release. For my label manager it’s hard work as I’m normally finishing tracks the week before release and as they have to come out on the 12th, it’s always close to the line.

– What can you tell about your live project with Henrik Schwarz? When did you meet the first time and how you decided to start this collaboration?
Working Henrik is always amazing and since we started the ‘Black Rose’ project some years ago –  it’s always an honour to record and perform with him. We have a new single coming out very soon called ‘Sky’ and an album due for release after the summer. It all started very organically with him playing at my night at Panorama Bar and we ended up going back to back for six hours.. it was crazy and from then people wanted to book ‘Black Rose’.

– Another new project you’re working on involves the formation of a band. Which kind of stuff you’re going to play? Also, what is your relationship with the other non electronic genres?
It’s kinda like the house version of Major Lazer, maybe more Basement Jaxx and slightly influenced by Daft Punk’s vibe. The first singles drop around the summer and yeah it’s a band vibe with rappers,singers but more news about this when you hear it! I’ve produced bands like Hotchip to hip-hop acts Chiddy Bang, I love music and as a producer there should be no boundaries.

– What do you expect at the gig you will play at Goa Club in Roma?
I never do a playlist, so you’ll have to come to the show to know what i’ll be playing. I normally choose my first track about 30 seconds before I play. (Laughs)

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you! I’m really happy to be coming to Rome again, it’s been a long time and it’s always a city I love to play.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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