Jimi Tenor ‘Saxentric’

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saxenfrontArtist: Jimi Tenor
Title: Saxentric
Label: Herakles
Cat. #: HRKL005CD & HRKL005LP
Format: CD – LP – Digital
Release Date: 28.10.2016
Tracklist CD:
1. Cap De Creus
2. Full House
3. My Baby Is Coming
4. Vortex
5. Ursa Major
6. Baby Pharaoh
7. Four Corners Of The Earth
8. Meridian Of Peace
9. Kivinokka
10. Magick Of Choice
11. Peaceful Maelstrom
12. Polygonal

Tracklist LP:
A. 1. Cap De Creus
2. Full House
3. My Baby Is Coming
4. Vortex
5. Ursa Major
6. Baby Pharaoh
B. 1. Four Corners Of The Earth
2. Meridian Of Peace
3. Kivinokka
4. Magick Of Choice
5. Peaceful Maelstrom
6. Polygonal

Jimi Tenor has compiled a selection of afro jazz tracks that he has written and performed over the years with musicians Icelandic drummer, Helgi Svavar Helgason, Helsinki based guitarist/bassist and journalist Ilkka Mattila, legendary drummer Tony Allen, Cuban & Berlin based trumpeter Daniel Allen Oberto, Ethiopian/Finnish & Helsinki based percussionist Abdissa ‘Mamba’ Assefa (Itetune), Nigerian/German & Berlin based percussionist Akinola Famson, Helsinki based percussionist Mongo Aaltonen, American & Paris based spoken word artist/singer & painter Allonymous, Helsinki based flügelhornist Tero Lindberg, Finnish & Berlin based guitarist Kalle Kalima, Polish & Berlin based bassist Patrick Frankowski, British trombonist Hilary Jeffery and Ghanaian/German & Berlin based drummer Ekow Alabi Savage.

Jimi Tenor, born Lassi Osmo Tapio Lehto in Lahti, Finland, who has been releasing recorded music for 30 years, plays several instruments as is his usual practice. He is credited for playing on the upcoming release Saxentric; acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, background vocals, bass kalimba, drums, drum programming, electric guitar, electric piano, flute, Hammond organ, Korg MS­20, Korg PolySix, Log­o­phone, Moog, organ, percussion, Photophone, plastic bongos, programming, shaker, synthesizers, tambourine, tenor saxophone, vocals and Walton organ.


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