Jimini ‘Deep Savour EP’

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FLR047_500x500Artist: Jimini
Title: Deep Savour EP
Label: Flumo Recordings
Format: Digital Release
Cat. #: FLR047
Release Date: 13th October 2014
1. Jimini – Searching Tranqulity (Original Mix)
2. Jimini – Searching Tranqulity (Nicson Remix)
3. Jimini – Searching Tranqulity (An Gelo & πqquallo Re- interpreation)
4. Jimini – “Story Of The Day” (Original Mix)
5. Jimini – “Smokers” (Original Mix)

As the summer party season draws to an end, as days get shorter and leaves start to fall, we thought we’d spill just one last bit of sunshine to help us savour our last few moments before it was too late.

Steeping up to this challenge is French born and 313DM resident Jimini, a man renowned for an ability to fuse a wide range of musical sounds into deep dance floor ready beats.

The ‘Deep Savour EP’ is opened up with an original from Jimini, “Searching Tranquility” providing seductive base filled thuds and slow rolling builds, drawing you in before dropping you into a sea of upbeat grooves and enticing high notes.

The next two tracks come in the form of remixes, both of the opening track “Searching Tranquility”. The first of these two, from Flumo label boss Nicson, layers groove on top of a an original which is already laden with it, the result, a rework which entices and moves, a track ready for the dance floor. The second remix takes its notes from a duo effort, An Gelo & πqquallo, presenting a beat which picks up the pace, while maintaining the deep melodies that make the original so special.

The pace is slowed down a notch for the penultimate track, “Story Of The Day” providing a mixture of rhythms and deep beats which enticing the mind and leaving the listener in a hazed trance.

The EP is closed off with another track from Jimini… “Smokers” puts down flutters of break beat and sharp high hats, showcasing Jimini’s true skill as a producer and lending its hand as the perfect conclusion to the release.

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