Artists: Wally Lopez, Sister Bliss, Laura White
Title: Dalt Vila
Label: Junkdog
Remixers: Sister Bliss, OFFSHR
Cat. #: JNKDG05
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 15th 2013
1. Radio Edit
2. Original
3. Sister Bliss Club Mix
4. OFFSHR Remix

Sister Bliss meets Wally Lopez for a Balearic slice of summer cool…

Any fan of Ibiza knows the citadel-like hill that rises, and comprises, most of Ibiza’s old town; it’s maze of houses, bars, restaurants, hotels and (literally) crowning cathedral stretch back some 1400 hundred years when it was founded as a settlement by the Phoenicians. Declared a UNESCO world heritage site a little over a decade ago, it is arguably the island’s defining landmark.

Cue to the near present day and it was this unique vista Wally Lopez found himself gazing upon as he sat writing a track.

“The Dalt Vila was right in front of me,” says Wally, “It’s such an iconic and inspirational view I decided to name the demo after it and it just stuck!”

And stick it did since the track then went on a cross Euro-digital journey, which Wally further explains, “I first saw Faithless back in Madrid years ago so I always wanted to meet Bliss, but we kept missing each other. We’d often play the same residences, festivals or clubs, both in Ibiza and around the world, only to be booked on different weeks or days. It wasn’t till Toolroom at Space last year that we eventually managed to meet up. So when I finished the track I immediately knew I wanted to send it to her.”

“Wally and I had been staying in touch on Twitter,” continues Bliss, “I’ve always liked his sound and style of strong, percussive house with a great melodic vibe. I was really up for collaborating so we began sending the track back and forth to each other, playing around with the arrangement, but it wasn’t till Wally added the vocal that things really came together. The classic vibe took me in an entirely different direction, which really pays homage to it’s Balearic routes, so it’s fitting the title stayed in place. Dalt Vila is very special to us both, and of course, to thousands of global disciples of house music!”

‘Dalt Vila’ the track is, as you’d expect, a perfect slice of Mediterranean beauty that blends a haunting female vocal with shimmering melodies; a record that sits equally well as a euphoric smiler when played at peak time or on a beach or a terrace beneath a blazing sun. However, the package doesn’t end there – Sister Bliss continues her duties to provide a slightly chunkier interpretation (which also comes as a dub) and radio edit. Let the summer begin!


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