Joachim Spieth 10 years Affin interview

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Hi Joachim and welcome to Different Grooves
Hello !

How did the Affin legacy become reality 10 years ago?
Try & error ^^…. Ok, i did not plan anything in the beginning, i just wanted to have a playground, something i was working on seriously. But all was open and to experiment was the only goal. After some years (around Affin’s 100 release) we switched from a digital label into the physical market. By releasing vinyl i had to rethink some ideas.
In 2015 i was happy for what we reached but also were looking for new goals. Musically i was a bit bored and was asking myself what i liked most in electronic music (over the years) and what has timeless quality for me. One result of it was to focus on less artists regarding the releases of the label. Now, 2 years later i’m happy with the adjustments i made.

Why and how you start up the label?
I wanted to be able to develop something on my own. I worked with labels like Kompakt or Paso some years before i found Affin.

Tell us which are the most relevant releases on your imprint in those first 10 years?
I was convinced with every release that came out. And after years your preferences are changing. That’s normal. I can’t really highlight. But what i can say is that there is one artist who accompanied me since almost the first release: Reggy Van Oers. We became friends and he is the artist who had the biggest influence on the label, besides my own input.

Is something special you are building right now for the 10th anniversary of Affin?
We prepared a 12” series called “Decennium”. The first part of it just appeared. Others will follow in the next months. On these 12”s we’ll present a selection of new tracks from artists who released on Affin in the last 2 years besides some new faces.
Another project is my first album since 17 years called “Irradiance”. It will be released in November on vinyl & digital. It combines influences i was following since i started producing and also showcases content i never did before. You can listen some audio snippets on our Soundcloud account (

Is any kind of event of party you planned for this special anniversary?
There will be some showcases. But there’s not “the one & only party”

How Joachim Spieth sees Affin in the next 6 months? And in the next 10 years?
…on its way.


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