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Hi Matteo, welcome to Different Grooves

You can be defined as an analogic inside: tell us some deep fact regarding your strong relationship with synth, especially during your live sets?
My first approach to music was as a drummer, then I discovered the wide world of synthesizers and I felt in love with it.
I started to produce some electronic music, but I always had the need to generate a physical relationship with the instruments. I know computers are a very powerful tool and I can’t live without it, but If I hadn’t any “real” instruments, or any physical bound with it, I would surely not enjoy music as much as I do now.

Talking about your roots: who influenced most your artistic side?
It would sound strange to you, but I am influenced mostly from genres that have no real relation with the music that I normally produce. For example, I really like metal, classical and jazz musical like Bach and Chick Corea. Paradoxically when I listen to Cannibal Corps I feel the urge of making some techno music!

How your business relationship with Fool’s Record, Tip Top and Blood Music began?
I produced a killer track using only drum machines and distortion effects and I thought that Fool’s Gold Records could be the right label to present somthing like this work. I checked on their website and sent the track over; in a while, they reply: “Hey! A-Trak really liked your work! We want to publish it, can I send you the contracts?”
I answered: “YESS!”

For Blood Music I helped Errboby and Trve to produce their EP. Once we finished it they wrote me: ” Joao, we are going out with Fake Blood, is that ok for you?” and also there I said “YES!”.

As for Tiptop it’s really different. With the previous labels I only had a professional relationship, but with Piero and Thomas (Angle), the labels A&R, I can say they are my friends. I lived with them label’s born and I was really happy and surprised when they asked me to produce some materials for them, basically because they became a really big situation in the market. It was really nice because I was living a very dark time, in which lots of labels where asking to produce music according to their needs. I thought that it was a silly thing to ask to produce art in order to make only money. Piero instead asked me to do what I only feel it was good to do, so I composed “5th Dimension”.

Joao Ceser discography in the next six months: reveal us your future releases.

A classic question from DG crew: your thoughts about the Italian scene: feel free to say what you want, we are , as always, fully open minded.
I must say that i really don’t pay so much attention to the Italian or the European musical scene. I honestly live in my own music world. I can say thought that I would like to play around the Country and that people can enjoy with my music.

Thanks Matteo, was a pleasure sped quality time with you.
Thank you.

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