Joel Alter ‘Sweatbox’

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Artists: Joel Alter
Title: Sweatbox
Label: We Are
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: WRR029
Release Date: September 15th, 2013
Distribution: Prime Direct UK
A1. Sweatbox
B1. Chords
B2. Decipher

The Swedish Berlin based Joel Alter‘s been busy the last few years making deep well produced dub inspired techno and house for labels Kontra-Musik and D‘Julz BassCulture.

The Jonsson/Alter vinyl album “Mod” has not been missed by any scene people, has received wide critical acclaim and even won the Swedish “Manifest” award for best dance music last year with the motivation:

“(…) they have with simple ease, non-nostalgic playfulness and a sly sense of melody effortlessly proven that it is possible to make techno as hard as concrete, yet still with an enticingly soft exterior”.

That says it all about that album, and during these last extremely hot weeks in Berlin we are proud to having been able to handpick 3 tracks out of Joel‘s own and fre


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