Johannes Heil Interview

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This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Johannes Heil, who’s all set to release his 11th album titled “Gospel” on Andre Kronert’s Odd Even label.

– Thanks for joining us Johannes! How are you doing right now?
You’re welcome, right now i am a bit tired, sitting in a hotel room in Croatia, waiting to get picked up to play a show here.

– Your album “Gospel” is going to be published soon on Odd Even.
How much effort did you put in this project? And what mostly motivated you to get into an album job?
I did not plan or aim for an album, it just turned out to happen that a lovely selection of 15 tracks came together as if they are members of one and the same family, the efford is always the same, I give everything i have to give into a track and take one step at a time.

– The tracks are mainly 4/4 and of course dancefloor oriented, but the mental approach isn’t missing because you put the right chords, pads etc.
Is this thing really relevant during your creative process or not?
The creative process is something which takes place, so I am not overthinking every step of the way, of course here and then thinking is involved, but most of the time, I am simply doing and reacting to what happens, just as if I had a conversation with myself thru music and because a conversation would be very boring without revealing emotions, you will find a lot them in the music.

– Technical talk: how did you create the tracks? Did you use some particular vsts or gear?
I use a combination of digital and analogue hardware, software, microphones etc. But I could make something out of anything, so I do not think the tools are the most important aspect, it really comes down to the moment in which you receive the grace to be able to create something meaningful and magic for yourself.

“Gospel” features 15 tracks, do you mostly enjoy one (or more) of these?
I feel they all stick together very well and i love them all for what they are, but 13, 14 and 15 really are the emotional apex for me.

– How the job with Exile label is going on?
No job, we are a bunch of friends enjoying to create music as freely as possible, that is what Exile gives us; freedom. As far as I am concerned, I am happy with everything.

– Have you got any forthcoming projects you want to tell us about?
I am in the studio almost every day and there is always something driving forth, for now there is no urgency to do more, since my new album is not even released yet.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Your welcome, my pleasure!

“Gospel” will be published in October 2nd 2017.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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