John Barber ‘Journey Of None’

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KD052_cover_-_CopiaArtist: John Barber
Title: Journey Of None
Label: Kindisch
Cat. #: KD052
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 28th 2012

1. Journey Of None
2. Right From Wrong

South England born John Barber has been under the electronic influence since he was a child, aspiring to become the source of the music he couldn’t get enough of.
After years of fine tuning his tastes and honing his skills, John managed to realize his dream; and his path has brought him to us. We proudly present his ‘Journey Of None‘ EP.

The EP opens smoothly with a laidback piece called ‘Journey Of None’. It’s a creamy blend of relaxed percussion and deep pads, creating an afterhour vibe that warms the soul and moves the body. When John drops the bass on this one, the moment is reached where time splits; before and after this one single scene-defining moment.

Moving on, John turns up the dials creating a beautiful contrast to the previous track.
A natural progression and elevation of energy and vibe play here to create a lively atmosphere while still retaining the relaxed, chilled atmosphere of ‘Journey Of None’.
A great pair of tracks from a producer who has earned his place in our catalogue.


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