John Osborn ‘Desire Is Mono’

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TANS004_JohnOsborn_DesireIsMono_AArtist: John Osborn
Title: Desire Is Mono
Release Date: 09 March 2015
Format: Single/12″
Cat. #: TANS004
A Desire Is Mono
B FX06

TANSTAAFL RECORDS was born with John Osborn’s debut release in 2011, since which he has gone on to become a highly respected producer & DJ on the international circuit, including an hugely well-received debut set last year at the Labyrinth festival in Japan. For the past two years TANSTAAFL has been on hiatus with attention focused on the sub label TANSTAAFL PLANETS. Now the main label returns with a new release from label boss John Osborn himself.

The title track Desire is Mono is a stripped down dynamic synth-led workout full of emotion with almost a touch of romance, inspired by wise words spoken by Petar Dundov at Labyrinth festival in Japan: ‘Desire is Mono, love is stereo’. FX06 picks up the pace with a riotous, heavy 909 kick, bouncing toms, sub-bass and swirling pads all melting together, creating a truely inspired floor filler without ever losing its coherence. This two-track 12” shows all the trademarks expected of Osborn, ruthless with its refined quality of sound and maturity of composition.


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