John V ”The Visitors”

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Artist: John V
Title: The Visitors
Label: Drowne Records
Release Date: 29th February, 2016
Format: Digital
Cat #: DRW034
01. John V – The Visitors (Original Mix)
02. John V – Hidden (Original Mix)
03. John V – The Arrival (Original Mix)
04. John V – The Arrival (MTD Remix)

We are happy to welcome the colombian techno-defender ‘John V‘, who joins our forces with three fierce originals and a powerful rework by the italian ‘Sonntag Morgen’ mastermind ‘MTD‘, bundled as the ‘The Visitor’ EP. Coming to light with hypnotic patterns and dusty soundscapes, this release represents straight underground techno for the darkest minds!

Opening the release, the title track ‘The Visitors‘ invades the floor with thumping kickdrums and propelling percussions pointing out that John V‘s definition of techno is definitely bound forward. Sluggish offbeat-hihats lay the foundation for a snappy hihat, while the theme, which consists of repetitive, unconventional synthstabs rises up and works throughout! An impelling baseline underpins the tracks invading character and bright rides add tension at the right time!

Follow-up ‘Hidden’ takes off upfront with mighty bassdrums, background noises, and rattling percussions diggin’ themselves through the dust. The theme, which the track circles around appears very soon and consists of ancient-seeming synths forming an apocalyptic melody. Snappy hihats get backup by propelling top structures and show up ‘Hidden‘s’ forward-facing vibe, before flashy rides concrete its stomping character.

‘Arrival’ comes up with dirt-soaked bassdrums and crackling background distortions, forming a forward-orientated groove. Sonaresque synths tear the nerves to shreds and get backed-up by a wicked bleep melody creating a disturbing mood! Classy offbeat-hihats concrete the tracks direction and electrifying synths start to layer over the unforgivingly dazing vibe, polishing ‘Arrival’ to a real crusher!

Italian techno-warlock ‘MTD‘ put hands on ‘The Arrival‘ and stripped the original down the the bone. Starting with adorable stompin’ kicks and an assertive bassline, the track gains weight very fast. Subtle offbeat accentuations and hypnotic bleeps appear on the scene and create a straitened atmosphere before crunchy hihats lay the foundation for the groove! Reverbed claps smear through the fog of darkness and squealing synths whirl all over, adding a lot of hypnotic quality to MTD‘s stunning rework!

In the end the ‘The Visitors‘ EP comes along with a broad range of raw rhythms and dirty melodies and represents pure underground techno. I reaches from energetic, forward orientated techno to disturbing and distorted vibes, and always keeps an eye on the dancefloor!


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