Jon Convex ‘IDORU’

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Artist: Jon Convex8304_idoru
Title: IDORU
Label: Convex Industries
Release Date: 13 August 2012
1. Fade
2. New Model
3. What I Need (featuring Velvit)
4. Four Faces
5. Aversion
6. About Her
7. Shadows
8. Desolation
9. No Love (featuring Breakage)
10. Idoru

In a time where music classification and compartmentalising of genres loses all meaning, Jon Convex has been at the forefront advocating a new wave of electronic music. His new solo album ‘IDORU’ (A Japanese word derived from the English ‘idol’) is his multi-dimensional sound projected into a new species of electronic music production.

Convex’s roots were already planted deep in cutting edge electronica as one half of genre bending duo Instra:mental, who’s impressive list of achievements include: the award winning Fabric Live CD (alongside long time friend and collaborator dBridge) and the groundbreaking Autonomic Podcast series; with downloads reaching up to 60,000 a month. Armed with his serendipitous artillery, his solo efforts still encompass much of what gained the Instra:mental team such adoration but also embrace a brazen lust for evolution.

The themes on Idoru are evident from the start. Influenced from a young age, growing up in a video rental store during the 80’s and vinyl hunting in the 90’s, these distinguished eras are stamped all over Idoru. The album is further fused with his previous production mastery pirouetting gracefully over his mutated Techno House repertoire. From the Autonomic inspired ‘Fade’ to the brooding tones of ‘About Her’ who’s late night vibes and pitched vocals pay homage to Drexciyan project ‘Other peoples place’. There is a clear statement that his Instra:mental heritage has ripened into a full blown party commander.

Jon reveals deeper into the essence of the debut solo album, “The album feels like a continuation of where I left of with the ‘Resolution 653’ album as Instra:mental. I’ve taken what I learned and moulded it to fit the direction I’m taking with Idoru. I’ve taken all my influences over the past 20 odd years and crafted an album that should appeal to both home listening and DJ abuse.”

While Convex has seemed to have taken a still and confident pace to his solo work so far, the inaugural album will be accompanied with a live audio visual show on tour. It is very clear Jon has been busy. Very busy.

“I’ve been flat out writing the album, designing the art for the EP’s and album, creating a live set and working alongside a visual artist for my live show. Over the last year every minute has been spent working or thinking about the album,” he says.

The anticipation is hitting a crescendo.

Idoru is set for an August release with two very limited vinyl only EP’s leading up to the launch. Each EP will be limited to 300 copies each and will feature full art and coloured vinyl all shrink-wrapped for the vinyl collector.


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