Jonas Saalbach ‘Ancient Lake’

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CoverArtist: Jonas Saalbach
Title: Ancient Lake
Format: Album
Label: Einmusika
Cat. #: Einmusika059
Distribution: Believe Digital
Format: CD / Wav / MP3
Release Date: 30-10-2015
01. Ancient Lake (ft. Paul Klatt)
02. Thinking Of You (ft. Mz Sunday Luv)
03. June Gloom
04. Hammada
05. Delusion
06. Morgen
07. Driven By Madness (ft. Mz Sunday Luv)
08. Tortuga
09. Yaled (ft. Woodie S)
10. Deep Like

It starts without rush. Natural sounds, soft pads, a diverse soundscape, open minded. Then the bass is coming in – straight and loud. A mixture of organic and electronic music, a mixture of old and new – welcome at the “Ancient Lake“, so clear and colorful. We are invited by Jonas Saalbach, a well known Live Act and producer from Berlin. On his first album he combines melodies and dancefloor elements, hard bass lines and story telling instruments.

We’ll find tracks grown with time on the album. Some are based on classical techno styles like “Driven By Madness feat. MZ Sunday Luv“ and “Hammada“. Others are made for listening and dreaming like “Thinking Of You“ and “June Gloom“. You can feel the spirit of summer in every number, the desire for adventures in the nature, the energy of the sun. Jonas Saalbach presents his summary of a year full of travels and studio nights. His cooperations with Paul Klatt for example, are an important part of his work. Berlin is a big playground for him with a lot of inspiration every day and so the album is like a story board of life, a perfect starter for a new season, energetic and unstoppably creative.

“Ancient Lake” will be out October 30th 2015


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