Joris Voorn ‘Nobody Knows’

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JVnobodyknowsAllpostArtist: Joris Voorn
Title: Nobody Knows
Label: Green
Release Date: 17/11/14
01. The Monk
02. A House feat. Kid A
03. Homeland feat. Matthew Dear
04. The Wild
05. Sweets For Piano
06. So Long feat. Kid A
07. Ringo
08. Mugged
09. MoMo
10. Fall
11. Left
12. Dust feat. Bram Stadhouders

With a sound both identifiable and individual Joris Voorn’s consistent caliber of work and attention to finely detailed production places him in a position of undoubted consideration amongst some of the most revered producers around.

Almost a decade since his first LP (Future History – 2004), the cinematic overtones that have provided such tremendous warmth in all of his productions assemble beautifully for his third studio album “Nobody Knows”.

Right from the moment go with the beat less introduction of “The Monk” the Amsterdam native provides a seamless fusion of organic and electronic sounds and despite an array of vocal features, the multilayered, classical ambiences throughout serve as a contrast reminder of who is at control of the mixing desk.

His last single release ‘Ringo’ was one of the biggest tracks on Beatport for 2013, with huge radio support. A euphoric modern classic and unquestionable highlight of “Nobody Knows”.

The LP forms a soundscape equally as dark, captivating and inspirational that makes for a unique listening experience.


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