Josh Wink ‘Talking to You’

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138122Artist: Josh Wink
Title: Talking to You
Label: Ovum Recordings
Release Date: 04/10/14
1) Talking to You (Original Mix)
2) Talking to You (Groove Mix)
3) TalkApella
4) Talking to You (Radio Edit)

With such an impeccable track record for his original productions, any news of an impending Josh Wink release is usually met with a familiar mix of excitement and trepidation. When the bar is perpetually raised to such lofty heights, what can one man do to keep such momentum going?

The answer, naturally, is to slam the listener with the kinetic intensity of a full on jackhammer acid assault, and that’s exactly what ‘I’m Talking To You’ does. A swelling TB 303 motif contorts and swims around a vocal snippet, distorted and chopped to mind-bending effect in classic Wink style. Make no mistakes, the Philly godfather still reigns supreme; Wink is here, and he’s talking to you.

The release also features a (subjectively) more subdued ‘Groove’ mix, and a signature ‘TalkApella’ tool for DJ sets.

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