Region “North South EP”

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Jaunt Records continues his adventure into oldschool techno sonorities. The fifth release of the label is called “North South EP” and it has been produced by Region, an apparently unknown project.
The first track in the A side is “Sideline”, a solid warehouse techno track with a mesmerizing loop, it builds up slowly and the main chord creates alternation inside the track. The remix made by Voiski eliminates the redundant loopy side of the original, playing with the synths and filling all the 16 chops of a 4/4 sequencer bar.
On the flip, “Borders” recalls to the tracks pressed in the A side, but in the overall it shares a dreamy and tender sound. Basic Soul Unit in his interpretation upsets the tranquility of the original, introducing a heavy kickdrums and distorting the main synth.

Jaunt Records – June 2016
A1) Sideline
A2) Sideline (Voiski Remix)
B1) Borders
B2) Borders (Basic Soul Unit remix)


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