Julie Marghilano – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi Julie, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. Briefly, what can you say about your musical background and your first approaches to electronic music?
My musical background comes from my family, my dad is a jazz guitarist and my mother was a singer so I started playing violin at a very early age.  My first approach to electronic music was dancing to George Clinton, Kraftwerk, Africa Bambata and groups in this genre in that period in America.

2. When did you start to produce your own songs and which are your main sources of inspiration?
I started producing by myself about 5 years ago, before that I was always producing with someones help. I get inspired from quite a lot of things. Electrical storms seem to be a big inspiration for me  at the moment.

3. What’s the idea behind your project (and soon also label) Sol Asylum and what do you desire to achieve with it?
Sol Asylum is a party and soon to be collective vinyl art label thats main purpose is to create a family of new emerging producers, visual and graphic designers that inspire each other and create original and unusual ideas.
We are dedicated as a record label, as well as a party, to provide a unique auditive and visual journey. We would like to push the boundaries of sound and art and try to always create something fresh and innovative.

4. What do you expect to get with your music in the future?
I try to not have expectations and try to make the best music possible.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
We have our label launch with Dj Qu, OdD ( the guys from our first release), Patrice Meiner, Miss Jools and myself on the 24th of january @Prince Charles in Berlin. We also have our second release and label party @ Hoppetosse Berlin coming out sometime in March that will feature Dilated Pupils and will have a remix from Birdsmakingmachine. Last but not least I would like to mention the amazing artist that did the cover for our first release http://www.stephanie-f-scholz.com/ she is first class artist!

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you for your support! Good vibes and respect

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