Junge Junge Interview

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Here is another interview by Etia Creations series.

What started as a spontaneous jam session after a few beers with singer Kyle Pearce, at Helene Beach Festival in Germany, became a cruical moment of their career later that summer in some beach bar on Ibiza, when their work was heard by the A&R manager of Universal Music Sweden. Their last summer hit, Beautiful Girl, gave them the boost, confidence and the deserved attention. JUNGE JUNGE are on a mission now, slowly taking over the dancefloors over Germay and Europe, but still being humble and staying loyal to their underground roots. You`ll be able to hear them perform live in Ljubljana`s underground finest Plac 33/45 on Friday, april 10th at Etia Creations event.

Get Physical, Artist Alife, Universal.. How did it all happen?

We also ask ourselves how all of  this has happened. :)☺ Joke☺. We have worked long and hard to create our own style and to find a way which works in the underground scene as well as in more commercial areas. Of course, we are thrilled that we could release it on Get Physical and become a part of this family.

Could you tell us more about „Beautiful Girl“, your recent single?

Beautiful Girl was much easier than many other tracks that we had produced and published in the past. It is the right mix of elements, feelings, magic moments and especially the right environment that helped to even arise such beautiful track. It is well known that we have produced the track on the Helene Beach Festival in a small bungalow. We used just a small setup for this track. Laptop, monitor speaker, soundcard, midi keyboard, guitar and a good vocalist.

You often create music in different environments rather than recording studio?

We take our set-up always with us, when we are traveling longer than 2 days and try to catch some nice tunes outside from the dark recording studio. Producing music outside the studio is the most beautiful thing for us. The environment gives us a lot of new input which we can work out later in the studio. It is a bit away from the conventional producing, but you should try it. It works.

Before “Beautiful girl” and after. What is the difference in your professional life?

The biggest difference is that before we were DJ`s and producers without an agency and a management. Now everything is a lot more professional and it is a lot easier to offer new songs to the labels. When we send out promos, everyone gets back with feedback much faster than before. Now we have a management team, which takes care of our contracts and our product placement. Our DJ career got a boost too since we became a part of our new booking agency Artist Alife. We are really proud to become an official member of their DJ roster.

You would describe your music as…?

That is difficult for us to put our last track beautiful girl in a existing genre. We would say it is a mix of deep house, indie pop and acustic, which is absolutely different from what we play in our DJ sets. What we play is more underground than commercial, because this is where we are coming from. The underground. So we play rather tech-house to techno.

You two were working together before as well, right? How did you two meet and start collaborating?

We met in the past many times at different bookings on Rave on Snow and other gigs in our area. Often we were playing together on the same floor and we always got along really well and had a lot of fun together. Eventually we decided to go into the studio together. On that day, the journey began. The connection between us two worked really well from the beginning and we also became very close friends, besides from producing music together.

Where can we catch you play this summer?
There are quite a few events where we are happy to play this year. Melt Festival, SWR3 New Pop, Pollerwiesen and of course the Helene Beach Festival where the „Beautiful Girl“ was produced last year. There are also, many other clubs in Germany and abroad that we play too.

Soon you are about to play in Slovenia? Is that your first international appearance as a duo?
Yes this is our first appearance as a the duo JUNGE JUNGE. Before we already played as  a duo with our real names: Michael Noack and Rochus Grolle (Grolle & Noack) in different clubs and festivals in Germany and abroad.

Michael, you played before in Slovenia, right?

Yes, I had a couple of gigs in Slovenia over the last several years, and it was always a pleasure and a nice experience to play in your country. I was always thrilled of the friendly crowd and the nice hospitality. The parties there have been very special and I feel very much at home when I play in Slovenia. I still remember the first open air event where I was playing. We came with no expectations and left with a smile on our face. It was just fantastic.

For the end, your message to your fans here?

We are looking forward to seeing familiar and unfamiliar faces after a long time. Get ready for a musical journey. It will be fun & wild! :)
FACT: JUNGE JUNGE will be in Ljubljana’s club Plac 33/45 on Friday 10.4. – they are guests of the label Etia Creations!


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/917351131620187/




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