115858Artists: Jussi Pekka, Santos Resiak & T.W.I.C.E
Title: Acid Colour Series EP
Label: Flumo Limited
Cat.#: FLTD005
Format: Limited 10” Coloured Vinyl
Release Date: 14th April 2014

No doubt some tracks immediately deserve to become a vinyl, endowing them with a halo of fetichism. Thus, poetic justice transforms a flawless work into a material, enjoyable edition.

Jussi Pekka is a self-declared addict to electronic programming where “Jack”, in its purest essence, gets all the flashes.
Jacpid results his greatest, more elegant and devious production of his career. We include it here as one of our catalogue classics, able to embody in itself both the timelessness and majesty of acid house in the history of electronic music.

“Time to Freak” by T.W.I.C.E. is one of the jewels of our crown. Santos Resiak’sremake is a passionate piece of music that takes old analog sounds of the past and lays them out for ears of the future. A real bass-acid- funk bomb which masterly develops in a delicious melting-pot of techno, disco, and soul. Sublime and meticulous is this fabulous descent he takes us into, to finally be perched in a fantastic end.

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