Kaiserdisco ’50 Shades Of KD’

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KDM050-KaiserdiscoArtist: Kaiserdisco
Title: 50 Shades Of KD
Label: KD Music
Cat. #: KD050
Release date: November 3rd 2014
1. Twelve Monkeys
2. Sixth Sense

From Germany’s feted pair of half-century makers comes urgent tribal application converging on your sweat glands. ‘Twelve Monkeys’ has Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck sending out streams of sonar signals and fast lane flashes to colour plain-speaking dancefloor tenancy that jets past with physicality and fullness. ‘Sixth Sense’ is not one to lighten the load, administering deep techno stealth marked by keys that effervesce eerily from underneath, and hi-hats shaken by a lining of bass running operations with a firm hand. Two sparse, low yet powerful arena takeovers that won’t slacken their grip once the jugular is in their grasp.

‘50 Shades of KD’ is already supported by the likes of Pan-Pot, Stephan Bodzin, Carlo Lio, Matthias Tanzmann, 2000 And One, Santé, Nathan Barato, Gel Abril, Paco Osuna, Dubfire, Riva Starr, Popof, The Junkies, Karotte, Joris Voorn, Christian Smith and Sian


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