Kalden Bess ‘Alpha’

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117631Artist: Kalden Bess
Title: Alpha
Remixer: Luigi Madonna
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #:  ANT056
Release Date: 21 April 2014
1. Alpha – Kalden Bess
2. Alpha (Luigi Madonna Rmx) – Kalden Bess
3. Unstoppable – Kalden Bess
4. Invisible – Kalden Bess
5. No King – Kalden Bess

Long running Italian techno label Analytictrail serves up a new EP from one of their regular artists in the form of Kalden Bess. His four originals come backed with a remix from the ever-busy Luigi Madonna.
Bess has been crafting electronic music since 2008 in his native Montreal. In the years since he has gained props from the likes of Gary Beck, Pig & Dan and Jerome Sydenham and his dirty, sexy techno has come on labels like Drumcell and his own Ground Factory Records.

Attention grabbing opening track ‘Alpha’ is a prime techno cut with heavy, thumping kicks, walls of percussion and a booming voice beaming down like a dark force from outer space. For his part, Luigi Madonna – of labels like Drumcode and Plus 8 – strips things back to a more spaced-out and rolling techno groove with sheet metal synths spiralling around the pumping drums.

The perfectly produced ‘Unstoppable’ is just that – a monolithic stomper with closely stacked drums, paranoid synth lines and a crescendo of hi hats & vocal FX that trap you right at the centre of the whole monstrous affair. You can really see this one commanding dancefloors in large clubs or bleak warehouses alike, with crowds unable to do anything but stomp in its presence.

‘Invisible’ is a more syncopated techno kicker that seems to rock on its heels. Razor sharp hi hat ringlets churn in large cycles and again distant, muffled voices suggest you aren’t alone in the midst of this domineering rhythm. Last but by no means least, ‘No Kings’ is a percolating, ever simmering affair with industrial textures and apocalyptic synths all working together in controlled chaos.

If big room techno is your thing, you are unlikely to find tracks as inescapably groovy and arresting as these anywhere else this year.


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