Kastil ‘The Sadistic Abbess Label’

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187746Artist: Kastill
Title: The Sadistic Abbess
Label: Stale
Sphere Of Influence
Variable Penrose
Gold Coal (Lag Remix)
Gold Coal (Digital Bonus)

Label owner Kastil comes up with the fourth 12” in the Stale series.
After imaginative releases by Irazu, Deapmash together with a string of underground cassette releases it’s finally time for the man in charge to step back up with a very versatile and well balanced outing called ”The Sadistic Abbess”.

The opening effort on the A side ”YD33” is a modular sounding Techno cut that comes through as a robust and assertive opening track, showcasing Kastil’s expertise in creating hazardous ambiances and programming rough drum patterns.

”Sphere of Influence” is an intergalactic offering that is hard to pin down.
The craze of FX on this cut is wide and thorough leaving the listening in somewhat of a frenzy. The built is strong and the effort develops into a monstrous buldger that balances smartly between different sides of electronic music. ”Bastardos” is an emotive piece of cinematic proportions that serves as the outro for the A side. Wonderfully orchestrated pads and gloomy vocals.

”Variable Penrose” opens up the B side. This cut will ensure some peak time dancefloor action due to it’s structured nature. Serbian producer ”Lag” offers an energetic remix of another Kastil original named ”Gold Coal”. ST171 will be available through all specialized retailers late 2016.


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