Artist: Pele & Nico Stojan
Title: Clutching The House
Label: Kindisch
Cat. #: KD058
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 20th 2013
1. Convinced To Hustle
2. Shifting Down

Pele & Nico Stojan, the two have a distinct style, thick grooves with tech-house intentions. ‘Clutching The House’ is the result of their collaboration, and we are more than proud to share it with you.

‘Convinced to Hustle’ is exactly what it sounds like – an infectious percussion line over a deep bass groove and an open call to join the dance floor. The perfect opener for an EP, feeding our fire long into the late night.

‘Shifting Down’ inspires the mood only found at a hot summer open-air, organic, energetic and contagious. The bass rumbles in your chest as your feet shuffle in the dust, the sun will rise soon but until then, this moment, with this percussion and the cool vocal samples are the center of our universe.

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