Artist: Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler
Title: Orage EP
Label: Kindisch
Cat. #: KD066
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 28th 2013
1. Rue De Carhaix
2. Orage (Original Mix)
3. Foie Gras
4. Orage (Classic Mix)

Nick Galemore, fresh after the release of his very own compilation for Kindisch (see ‘Stories’) joins up with newcomer Gregor Trierweiler to make an inspired EP, rich with influences from several genres.

“We wanted to make some music… this is what we came up with. With the exception of the first track, the whole EP was produced with a modular-synth, something that you don’t hear so often anymore.”

‘Rue de Carhaix’ begins with the subtle sounds of a street of the same name, tucked away in a small German Village. This is where our journey begins. The track opens slowly, focusing on setting the ambience before the bass tones creep in. Then, all at once, the arps rise and the show begins.

‘Orage’ is the meat of the EP, so to speak, blending thick, rolling bass lines together with evolving analogue sequences – and keeping a constant heat the entire time. Here is where the analogue feeling really shines through, with all of it’s imperfections and quirks.

Now we move on to ‘Foie Gras’, a catchy piano tune with a straightforward bass punch. This is a track with a very modern feeling and soft French touch. With it’s blend of light piano and heavy kicks it’s perfectly suited to get the dance floor moving.

Last but not least, ‘Orage (Classic Mix)’ is another take on the original, adding not only more energy via tempo and percussion, but also laying out a few new parts on top. They create a very cool, classic feeling with this one, reminding us of the days when techno was still in it’s teens.


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