Kernel Key ‘001’

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Artist: Kernel Key
Title: 001 
Label: Greta Recordings
Cat. #: GRT001 
Release Date: 15 Apr 2013
1. Telharmonium
2. Trautorium
3. Theremin

Debut with a bang for the new label “Greta Recordings”. Kernel Key, a DJ/Producer, Sound Engineer & Sound Designer who in recent years has shown his true talent, working together with big world-class DJ/Producers on the current Techno/Tech-House music scene, such as Gregor Tresher, Olivier Giacomotto, Sebastien Leger, Uto Karem, Michel De Hey and he established himself with its great successes on labels such as Form, Agile, Octopus Recordings, Bedrock, Definitive Recordings, KD Music, Break New Soil and many others.

Kernel Key begins with his first EP “001” which contains 3 bomb tracks. The first track starts with a well-defined bassline, as Kernel Key usually get us used to, and a groove in constant progression. After the main break, the track starts accompanied by a great chord stabs in Subtractive Synthesis, which encloses the entire work. We are talking about “TELHARMONIUM“, ideal for big dancefloors.

The second track is characterized exclusively by the old Roland TR-909. It’s “TRAUTORIUM“, with its saturated Toms accompanying the main groove and bassline. The synths group is exclusively represented by FM synthesis with random modulation. Suitable for lovers of old-school sound.

The last track “THEREMIN” closes this EP. It is a particular track that goes in search of a sound that is darker than the others, but, at the same time, it has all the style of the EP in it. It’s based on 909 Drums and produced entirely with FM and Subtractive Synthesis.

This debut is intriguing, for sure not to be missed. Just like the upcoming releases that will have the opportunity to show to everyone the value of this new label.


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